Roam Log 1.19.09 – “Crap, I Lost Power”

rifter-1I’m just waiting for my chance to sink even a tooth in a victim, just a small puncture in the hull, watch even just a little gas spew out.  But this will have to wait, until I grow, get stronger and more fierce.  Yet I have the best to learn from, so it won’t take long.  I’m hungry and that’s all that matters.  I’m not hurting for differing instruction and method, from the Kerblamo way of find the biggest ship and shoot, if your still alive, shoot some more; to the Hallan Turrek method of ubber scanning in a hunt.  This roam I was under the watchful eye of Mynxee, my CEO and Hellcats litter boss, as well as Kerblamo and Hallan Turrek of the Bastards (have you ever tried to herd cats?); as we ventured out on a hunt.  Kerblamo and Hallan of the Bastards moving so fast it was hard to keep up, we moved and stalked.  

Enyo in a belt, no luck, too fast too many NPC’s and a nice tank,  yet we tried to sink our teeth in.  We drew some blood.

Retriever was sitting in a belt, Kerblamo and Mynxee (both in a Stiletto) looking for it.  Over comms came the call; “I have a point but hurry I’m taking damage” Kerblamo stated from his ship.  I arrive, anxious to get a kill, longing to get a tooth lodged in the skin of the ship.  Mynxee has already targeted and has added to the Retriever’s misery and pain.  In range I hit the lock, then a scram, then all guns; moving with afterburners blaring, trying to approach and orbit but instead I head right for the Retriever at full speed. Everything on….I’m going to get there, I’m going to bite…….

Blink! Computer systems go down, black screen……. “Crap my system is down, I think I have a point”, I shrilled into the mic.

Computers back up……I’m ramming the Retriever and bounce off……Blink! Computer systems down again… screen.  I can hear the chatter of war, the Retriever is going down.  Systems come back, I hit orbit at 500m, it’s over.  The enemy pod sits around his wreck for awhile, I think about locking and hesitate, this will not happen again.  The pod races away, the pilot announces our position in Local, Mynxee orders us out.  I plunder the wreck for some ore, an inertial stabilizer, and a bookmark that appears to be to a radar site but surely leads to death.

Dull for many yet exciting for this kitten, each mission is better than the previous, I will be strong and I will bite for blood someday.  I will get my kill and savor it……

As a new kitten I must get used to my computer commands, moving critical buttons away from my eager fingers that want to lock and mic my status.  Next time I won’t make the mistake of allowing my computer systems to crash.  What do you expect from a Rifter made from rusted parts and duct tape.  Indeed I expect this small ship to bring this kitten to victory.



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