Yarr to My Blogging Pirate Mates

  • Thank you Flashfresh for the mention and link, I’m sure you will find many enjoyable things flying out of my mouth and on to this blog.  I hope to do us all proud!
  • My pirate heart, as black as it is, was warmed a bit by the loving mention by Mynxee in her latest post about our recent roam.  Yarr my Captain, I raise my hi-tech and chemically synthesized mug of grog(Quafe) in your general direction.

With this I leave you until my next adventure and a famous pirate woman from our long lost Gaia:

Anne Bonney (1700-1782, Earth) a fine Irish lass who roamed the seas of the Bahama‘s.

bonney_anne_1697-1720Photo courtesy Wikipedia.org


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