It’s The Journey, It’s Moof

First I thought, wait for the trip to end before blogging about, just mentioning the trip could cause a mass amount of pilots to want to find us.  But then I figured it wouldn’t be a very good travelogue if I didn’t talk about it as it happens.  Because, it’s not only about the journey but it’s about Moof as well.  More on Moof in a short while.  Family slides first.

Best I can say, we; Mynxee, Hallan Turrek and myself are on a road trip.  Some of you know the intentions and most dont, let’s just keep purpose in the closet and focus on the path.

This trip is also giving me a chance to see exotic places and use a camera to document.  So, here are a few shots from the road:

ardar2This one is a fav, right at the start of the trip, it felt like an early morning start, everything all dreamy, sun coming up over five planets.  Good exposure on this one, it’s a keeper.


Well on our way, we all had to stop for a bathroom break, so Mynxee and I played tag in the parking lot.

uisperNow this one, it just struck me as awesome.  I think, yet might be wrong, we were screaming through this system and I’m like “Hey, Mynxee look how pretty it is here’, and she’s like “umm you know we have unfriendlies on our tail”.  Well, something like that, I do embelish, any good storyteller does.

ezzara-gate1Ok this one didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped.  I was in awe with the beauty of this system, the detail on that gate was amazing.  So I took the shot, well we know how great it looks and then you shoot a picture of it.  Still an nice shot.

“So, who is Moof and what does it have to do with your pseudo-spiritual roam”, you say.  First off, I gotta say that I truly enjoy hurdling across space with Mynxee and Hal, always something to learn from the two of them.  Am I lucky or what?  Yet what is most striking about this trip is realizing how notorious a writer both Mynxee and Hal are.  Sure, we know Mynxee is connected and bound to see someone she knows along the way.  But this was different, we were met in local chat after local chat by “o/” and “Hey, aren’t you that Mynxee blogger, I read you”.  And then we meet Moof of the Sahtogas system, (Hiya Moof) and struck up a conversation.  Moof’s a nice guy, we all enjoyed the chat.  The three of us actually got to meet readers of our blogs as we roamed around in uncharted territory, how cool is that?  Any old blogger can have someone leave a comment but only the bloggers of EVE can find a fan to post a comment while sitting at a jump gate, waiting to go through.  Cheers to you Moof, this leg of the trip is dedicated to you, proof that we are not wasting electrons.


And those of you listening to the EVE Alliance  Tournament, you’ll know “Aboslute Carnage” occured today by my own The Bastards. Great win, great work, am I on the right team or what?



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