Females in Piracy, Who Knew?

My earlier post where I “Yarr” to my fellow female pirates, well that got me thinking to find out how many female pirates there were in Earth’s history. Thanks to pillaging a recent Archaeological site, I was able to access data about these female’s history, although the history ended somewhere around the 20th century. The data comes from an old and well used “internet site”, called wikipedia, I don’t expect many of us in New Eden to remember this, let alone what the internet was. Now that we have cybernetic implants that plug us right into the net. But, here is what I found from this virtual treasure trove of data.

5 known female pirates roamed Earth from 680 BC to 1356

8 were around in the Viking Age

6 were found in the 16th Century

4 made it over to the 17th Century

10 exploded onto the scene in the 18th Century

5 I saw in the 19th Century, including “Sadie the Goat” – “Operated around New York State as a member of the Charlton Street Gang. Named for her habit of headbutting her victims before taking their money” “YARRRR” to you Sadie.

In the 19th and 20th Century scene, Asia saw many a female pirate;  9 to be exact.  One of my favorite was Lo Hon-Cho of China, who “Took command of 64 ships after her husband’s death in 1921. Youthful and reported to be pretty, she gained the reputation of being the most ruthless of all China’s pirates. Lo Hon-cho’s fleet attacked villages and fishing fleets in the seas around Beihai taking young women as prisoners and latter selling them into slavery. In 1922 a Chinese warship intercepted the fleet destroying 40 vessels. Despite escaping, Lo Hon-cho was later handed to authorities by the remaining pirates in exchange for clemency.[14]”

“Yarr” Lo Hon-Cho, you got it, you got it; pillage the industry and take rewards.  She had the moxie, she knows what a pirate is.  Sadly, her own pirates turned her in 😦



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