Roam Log 1.26.09 “Man He Got The Jump On Me”

Tonight was quiet in Evati, too quiet, everyone was either asleep in the alliance lounge, drunk, or both.  Mynxee flitted in for a bit, as well as Karjan, Hal, and Hellcats soon to be new member BillaBong Brat.  Nothing going on so I undock and tweak my overview tabs some more, getting that just perfect set-up.  I see Brat and welcome her to the Corp and invite her along for a short roam around the area.

In general the roam was rather uneventful, gave me a chance to show Brat around the local haunts.  A few bits to chase down but nothing of note, until we hit Egmar and a Rifter decloaks next to me on a gate.  Then immediatly takes off towards one of three belts.

“Brat, Rifter on scan….wait Rifter decloaked next to me…..taking off to belts 1-3”, I state in comms.

“Got it, I’ll go to 1 and check it out”, she states in as calm a voice as when we were in the base lounge, smooth.

“I’ll hit 3 and see what I find”, I offer.

He was at one of the three belts, we had the squeeze on him.  My excitement grew, yes this was just a Rifter, but this was my chance to grab my first kill with the Hellcats.  My mouth watered at the thought of sinking one tooth in, my heart pounded a bit at the thought of finding a kill mail later.

“Belt 1, nothing”, Brat says, “Same Belt 3….I’m heading to Belt 2” I return.

Arriving at the belt, nothing.  Sigh…I knew we had him, but nothing.  As I’m taking a moment to scan back and ensure I didn’t miss him, there his is on overview at 10km.

“Brat, got him, he got the jump on me in Belt 2”, I chirp on comms.

“On my way”.

This guy must have jumped to the belt just after I did, I was in no position to hit him.   I hit the target lock and approach, by then he had me locking, as did the NPC’s in the belt.  Jammed weapons on, in hopes to get a bite, then scram, then web….orbit close and hit the AB.

“Got him Brat, but hurry the NPC’s got me too”, which I think I was yelling at the comms at this point but Brat was ever so calm and smooth, “I’m almost there”.

His shield half gone, my shields start to melt, then my armor.

“Brat this guy has something that is really ripping me up, I’m into armor, where you at”, I ask as she appears on overview.

His shields melted further, my armor does the same, I think I’m done for sure.  Seconds later, his shields melt, then his armor and then his structure….poof.  That familiar sound of air leaking into space as a vacum enters the ship, the Rifter is dead.  Brat’s drones had tore open large gaping holes in his defenses, it was quick.

“He’s gone, I’m out, the NPC’s have me, I gotta repair, do you have his pod?”, I ask Brat, “No I had to leave, the NPC’s have me now, but I’m going back to deal with them  and get his loot”.

I think Brat’s going to fit in just find around here, get the loot, the only goal, love that.  The pod got away and docked where I was making repairs.  In local he smiles, I wink, and I tell him he was sneaky, for he had the drop on me.  And that was it.

After repairs, we went home, with a full belly for a night or the next few hours.  Enough to know, I like this line of work, next time I’d be taking his wallet.

Thanks for coming along Brat, you were the good luck token for the night, welcome to the crew.



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