Roam Log 1.28.09 “Welcome to Amamake, Armpit of the Universe”

Soon as I hit base Mynxee is on comms asking if I wanted to run security for her on a scanned hack site, so I hop in my little bundle of joy (rifter) and join her. It’s such a nice feeling to be a part of a hacking operation, the not-so-usual skullduggery, the ability to play cyber-punk and open closed doors. The site was fruitful yet would only cover the cost of loses over the night.

The operation for the evening was for a Hellcats female roam, so as soon as Karjan hit base we were loaded and ready to prowl. Nobody loves The Bastards more than us Hellcats but there is something nice about an all female roam and fresh kill, it’s pure pride and enjoyment.

Mynxee transmits the coordiantes for our roam terminus to both Karj and myself, Karj in a Vexor, Mynxee in a Jaguar and myself in my lovely Rifter.

“Let’s get to roaming!”, cries Karj, “I like the way you think sister”, states Mynxee.

At first we don’t come across much, often our patrol paths can be quiet and then “wham” we get our prey. Tonight was no exception, very quiet in space, people either leaving as we get there or sitting at a far off the beaten POS. We hit Ennur and we see our prey.

Mynxee says, “I want that Crow, spread out and find her”. “On it”, I chirp, “heading to a scan spot”, Karj offers.

A few seconds later, “I think the Crow just warped on top of me at a planet”, Karj reports, “Yea, this thing is following me”.

“Karj, report, are you engaged?”, Mynxee sternly asks. “Karj Report”, Mynxee says with a commanding voice.

“Ha ha ha, he’s following me”, says Karj, and Mynxee returns, “Karj I need you to report intel, we are standing ready”.

“Sorry boss, I’m at the planet, he warped on top of me, I now have a point”, Karj reports, “Check, Venom and I are warping to you”, and Mynxee and I head to Karj’s aide.

When we arrive the Crow is moving at an incredible speed and Karj nor Mynxee and myself can get the webbing tentacles on our prey. All of us with engines on overload, pushing to orbit closer, all guns and rockets blaring. We all spread out just a bit with hopes of catching our prey as it tries to evade Mynxee who is all over this guy. Just out of lockdown range yet running to ensure he stays that way, he might just make a mistake and we will catch him.

“Gotta get a web and lock this fast asshole down, he’s just out of our range, keep firing but get that web, both of you!”, demands Mynxee.

No sooner than Mynxee gives us direction, the Crow evades Mynxee and drifts just inside web range of Karj, “I got it, webbed”, and we all descend. Point after point, we have the Crow locked down, circling and blasting.

“We have her, keep going, she’s almost finished”, Mynxee says in a nice happy voice. Poof, the sound of air escaping into space, a sound I will never tire of hearing. Loot, safe, sit, assess. We got our Crow.

Having satiated our appetites for at least a few more minutes, we let Hera Darkthorn of The Bastards in on our little roam, and it’s always a pleasure to be roaming with Hera, who is so good at what he does. We found ourselves a Vagabond before we evantually hooked up with Hal and my good friends Joe Chance and Vanyr. We all evantually headed to Amamake, where al hell broke lose.

Joe and Van are great pilots, possibly showing off a bit by bringing bling ships to Amamake, I doubt that will happen again. My friends, this is low sec and this is Amamake, if your not flying a garbage can with teeth, your just tossing isk into the void.

It was in Amamake, the Armpit of the Universe, that we tangled with Heretic Army. Sadly, as Joe and Van had an entanglement with a Vex, as I’m warping in, they are losing ships or warping out, I’m on the Vex but it’s fruitless, Heretic Army has me dead in seconds, then they have my pod, squish……ugggg I’m double dead. It went on like this for a while, losing ships, getting ships, going back. Finally, it was over, many of us where at several spots in the Universe getting re-fitted, it was finally over. Had we stuck together in force it might not have turned out this way but coming in over shifts was obviously the wrong way to do it. I don’t think we had planned on doing so, things just happened so fast, we just kept coming to the aide of each other.

Eventually, we made it home back to Evati; Joe, Hal, Hera and myself. Joe paid his pass to be in Evati with us for the week, I hope Joe likes life in low sec, I’d sure like to see Joe at base more often. What did I do after the Amamake Armpit Issue? Drank ale until I fell asleep, closed the base bar down, stumbled to my cabin and hoped to God this day wouldn’t be repeated anytime soon. Β I lick my wounds…




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