History of Venom – ACT I – Part I “Family”

The explosion threw me across the cavern, enveloping me in smoke and projectiles of ore that abraded my skin.  The smoke from my now burning village and family filled my lungs and I fought for oxygen as I gasped.

“Come on kid, get in the transport, let’s go!”, the shuttle pilot yelled at me.  

Everything was a blur, my ears could hear the words but I didn’t know what they meant, my lungs stung with smoke, my skin burned with scratches, blood trickled down my forehead and into my left eye.


My birth was noted by a number and a cold clamp of opression and servitude, as were the births of my peers.  As common practice of the Amarr, we are born then removed from our parents, entangled in cybernetic connections and shipped to many locations in the Amarr Empire, my journey I am told was three weeks in an incubator.  My destination was the system of Ahteer in the Tash-Murkon Region, my origination is not known, my only family I’ve ever known is my adoptive family and tribe on a red moon where we mine ore for the Empire.

860 years ago, my people the Minmatar, were ruthlessly invaded and made slaves for the Amarr Empire.  125 years ago, with the help of many, my people rebelled against the Amarr, throwing the animals back to their home space.  Nearly a third of my people are still slaves to the Amarr, having been relocated to serve and populate sparse areas of space; I am of Minmatar blood, member of the Brutor Tribe and a slave child.

“Venom, get up, you will be late for your shift and you haven’t much time after to get to your ceremony”, my adoptive mother Magani said as she tried to tickle me awake.

Magani and Tristoric were my parents for all I knew, they took me when the newborn transport arrived, loving me, and showing me what it meant to be a Minmatar; our version of being a Minmatar slave.

“I’m up, I’m up”, I smiled and greeted her with a hug, “I’m nervous Magani, what if it hurts and what if my tatoo’s don’t show up, will I still be Minmatar, will I still have a Tribe?”

Magani has always been a loving support, the whole Tribe here on this red dust caked rock has always been my support, I only want to do well by them, they are my life.

“Child, today is your day, it is the day you become marked with the sign of the Minmatar, any amount of pain, fear, or doubt will wash away”, Magani smiles, “You are of pure heart and intention, you will be marked by the Gods”

At 14 all Minmatar children take part in a special ritual, the Ray of Matar, where we are injected with a mixture of pigments and chemicals in the heart and base of the spine.  For as long as we can remember we have gone through this ritual as a people, feeling the chemicals mix with our energy to present the most important tatoos of our existence, tatoo’s marking our Tribal heritage and one special tatoo that reveals who we really are on the inside and give us a vision of our destiny.

Today will be the most remarkable day of my life.

To be continued…


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