History of Venom – ACT I – Part III “Rebirth”

“Child, are you of open heart and intention, are you prepared for the Ray of Matar to shine upon you and give you your place amongst our people and your destiny”, the Tribal leader looked upon me as he said, glowing with a warmth of love I’ve never felt before.

I nod, “I am”.

The Tribal leader raises his left hand and removes my robe, leaving me standing there bare skinned from the waste up.  He then places his left hand on my right shoulder to steady me as he raises a large steel needle full of chemicals and pigments.  Quickly and with skill he plunges the needle into the root of my heart, injects me, looks into my eyes to help keep me calm and not allow my heart to race.  The liquid instantly pumps through my body, producing a stinging sensation from the inside out.  I turn and present my back, with the same skill he plunges the needle into the base of my spine, this time I let out a small yelp as the needle strikes nerves and sends a shock wave of pain through my body.

I turn and the Tribal leader places my rob back on my shoulders, warps it around my body and pulls my hood up over my head so I’m shrouded in darkness.  I am left to stand and wonder where and what tatoo might appear on my body.  The intense burning and stinging of the chemicals slowly tapers away and it’s all one can do to keep standing upright and not want to fall to the ground and wish it all to stop.  The chemicals and pigment move through your body, eventually coming together at the surface of your skin, forming various symbols.

When the others had been injected, the Tribal leader presented us to the anxious crowd of family and friends.  Starting with me, each of us was to drop our robes and present our marks of position and belonging.  

By the time I drop my robe, I can’t help the tears rolling down my cheeks, every emotion is coming to a head and wanting to explode out of my body.  The Tribal leader is standing in front of me with a mirror.  

His face is full of pride and a hint of fear is in his eyes, of which I don’t understand.

“You child, have received the mark of the Brutor Tribe, as your brethren here around you”, the leader smiles as he states, “as well my child you hold the mark of Visionary Sight”

The Brutor Tribe symbol had appeared above my right breast, close to the shoulder, dark in color, the vision giving me a surge of pride.  

The second tatoo radiates from around my eyes as if flames the color of blood are being licked by a wind my face cannot feel.  This tatoo is a special tatoo, it is one that will appear when I am excited, angry, anxious or any emotion that causes my heat rate to rise.  This tatoo was created by nano-bots mixed with the chemicals, listening to my internal self, presenting itself to the world.

“Master, what does this tatoo mean?” I stammer as I inquire.

“Child this tatoo is one of great power and destiny, this is the Tatoo of the Bleeding Sight, a symbol of your internal skill of seeing beyond what most can see, you have an intuition and an understanding of things most will not”, he proudly explains.

“How do I use it Master?”, I ask

“Over time, I will teach you what you already know”, he offers.

I look over to Magani and Tristoric, both have huge smiles on their faces, holding each other…..


The explosions only took seconds, within minutes the cavern was filled with dust, smoke and flashes of light.  Bodies lay burned in every direction, some people run for cover.  The confusion is great, one minute I was in the Ray of Matar ceremony with my family, the next the chaos begins.

This time the shuttle pilot says nothing to me, he grabs me by the arm and throws me with others I recognize into the shuttle.

“What just happened?”, I ask, yet nobody responds.  Everyone in that shuttle is shocked and amazed at what might have just happened. I sit there, looking out the shuttle door and what was my home, with my knees to my chest, I stare at the burning remains of my family and Tribe.

The door closes, the swish of an airlock can be heard, we are bathed in a red light, huddling together, saying nothing.

The father of a friend of mine from Tribal lessons gets up and asks a soldier what just happened.

“Rebellion”, he stated, “Your free and will be taken to a secret processing location, you will get more instruction as get under way”.

“Rebellion?” My friends father asks, “What are you talking about?”

“Sir, all I know is small pockets of slave camps have conducted planned rebellions in conjunction with the Gallente Federation, you were in one of those camps, you are free”, the soldier says with a stern face yet just a slight smile.

None of us know what has happened, rebellion makes no sense, we heard nothing of it.

My only thoughts as we lift away and enter space are of my family, the only family I’ve ever known; I pondered what it would be like to not have them, to not have this rock which is my home.  A small piece of me wishes I had died with them, for I don’t think I will survive without them.

As the shuttle leaves the cavernous confines of my small red home, I see space for the first time.  The sun of my solar system shines through the shuttle window, causing the transparent glass to change to a darker translucent, shielding me from the bright blinding sun.  Just enough of the suns rays come through the glass and bath me in a warmth.  Moons and planets are seen, as well the indigo ink color of a void broken up by small bright lights that I think are stars.

This is only the beginning…


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