Roam Log 2.10.2009 – “Don’t Come Here!”

Tonight was a quiet night, Mynxee was deep in a poker game at our station watering hole, most of my mates The Bastards were either cross eyed with booze or in a stealth pack roaming around Evati somewhere.  I’m a true lover of the pack, the excitement it brings has a way of building upon itself.  Yet from time to time I like the quiet of a solo roam, just floating from system to system, being quiet and hopefully deadly.

After moving around some 20 jumps and finding nothing, all of EVE seemed to be asleep, I got a hail on my comms.

“Venom, it’s Elviiron, can you hear me”, a familiar voice asked over the deadspace.

It’s been a while since I’ve heard that voice, a friend from safer space, from before I decided to plunge into a world of piracy.

“Elviiron, I can hear you, it’s been a while”, I say into the comms channel.

“I’m on my way to Evati”, she says with a flat tone in her voice.

“Don’t come here, it’s not safe, Evati is very well guarded and patrolled by myself and my brethren”, I warn her.

“Too late, I’m on my way”

“Why are you coming here, if you wanted to see me we could have met in hi sec”, I ask.

“I want to see what it’s like on your side of the tracks, I’ve been following your logs, you seem to be having much fun”

“Well, coming here will be dangerous, I can’t protect you, and I can’t promise even I won’t be on patrol and have to do my duty”, I wanted her to know the full score. “But if you want to see what’s it’s like, come to Evati, see if you can survive and depending on how it goes, we can talk about your experience”.

“I’m almost to Evati”, she says.

I closed my comms, even my intel channels to my mates.  I knew that Hera and Ard of the the Bastards were roaming around on patrol in Evati.  I knew that one of us would get to her first and I could alert them that a known was coming to the system.  Being rather evil, I decided to go silent and find her myself, maybe test out how well she might do in a fight.  I suspected that she was coming to Evati to meet with me and Mynxee about possibly joining the Hellcats, what else could be the reason.  She never said upfront.

By the time Elviiron reached Evati I was already in a safe scanning spot, I noticed her come in on local and within seconds showed up on scan.  She was in a rifter, a smile hit my face, she brought a ship I love dearly.  I wanted to test her out and knew that she would be baiting me by sticking to celestials.  My mates would be watching as well.  Under complete silence I started to stalk her.  I went silent so she could experience the speed and skill that piracy had taught me, nay, that my mates had taught me for they too would be stalking her.

In about 30 seconds I had a fix on where she might be and I quickly headed to a belt I was fairly sure she was at.  Upon landing in the belt, she was 12km away from me, I locked target, approached at full afterburner speed.  When I hit scram and web range I let the mods fly, orbiting close I let my guns fly.  There was a hesitation on her end, I suspected it was due to her computer telling her what she was about to do would be illegal, did she want to do it.  Then her guns fired up and started to hit me, yet instead of orbit me and get close she tried to run, moving away from me.  Again, I suspected these were the instincts of a mish runner.

By the time she fried my shields, I had her to armor and it was dropping fast. I contemplated a ransom but that would be too obvious, I decided to detach her pod from her ship and lock her pod down.  With a bright flash her ship lost to mine, of which I was not surprised, I relished moments like this and a chance to take a ship.

With Pod locked down I opened comms again, “Elviiron, your ship is gone, you put up a good fight, this is the point where I would ransom your Pod or send you to the clone vats but I think you might be here for a reason”.

“Wow, that was fast, and my computer made me stop and think about what I was doing, this won’t happen again”, she states.

“I figured this was the case, knowing you, it should have been a much closer fight”, I offer.  “Do you want to tell me why you are here, assuming it’s not to lose a ship”

“I want to see you about joining the Hellcats, I feel a calling to your sisters”, she said.

“Elviiron, I’m going to release your Pod, you need to move as quick as you can back to your home base, we will talk on comms as you do”, I tell her with a calm voice.

Just as I released her Pod and she initiated warp, Hera and Ard come out of warp right on top of me.  I open comms to my alliance mates, “Hi boys”.

“Venom, you took our kill”, one of them states in channel.

“Oh sorry, I got here first, we can share the loot, but it’s all over now”, I say with a smile, knowing that although I knew this target was coming, I still had the same chance of finding her as they did.

My mates offer me a fleet invite to join them, “Sorry guys, I will be heading back to base right after my criminal timers end, I have an important conference call to tend to”.

I flip comms back to Elviiron, “You did well but I could tell you hesitated, are you safely on your way”?

“Yea, I’m not setup to be on the wrong side of the tracks but I can be and I’ve been practicing since you left the family business, I want to talk to your boss and feel out being a Hellcat”, she says with a slight hesitation in her voice.

“I think you have just the attitude and thirst to do fine here but it’s not an easy decision and can be hard to go back, as you can see, I’ve missed many a family birthday, how is my sister anyway”, I ask, with a feeling remembrance of how life was after I was freed from slavery and put into a family who took me in with as much love as my long lost loved ones on a long forgotten red moon. “How is she going to react to you being here”?

“LaBoheme is fine, she’s doing very well as always, she misses you”, Elviiron says, “As far as how she will take it, well you know her, so metaphysical and all that, if it’s what I want to do she won’t stop me and if it’s a path I have to take, I suspect she will help me.”  Elviiron then cuts in  with; “You know that although you are on the wrong side of the law, your sister loves you and follows your exploits on the log channels, maybe it’s time for  a visit before it’s too late for you to enter 0.5 space again”.

“We can talk about that but first let’s deal with you wanting to be a Hellcat, I’ll contact you later and have you chat with my boss, but do me a favor and don’t come back here until I have time to clear the proper channels and ensure your safety”, I say with great concern.

“Will do Venom, I’m bummed you got my ship, but I’m glad it was you, we will be in touch”, she says as her Pod warp drive takes her from unsafe to safe space.

I think about my sister, LaBoheme Orchid, from time to time; I miss her greatly, if it had not been for her mother and father, my transition from being a slave to functioning in the Universe would have been much more difficult.  When I left my sister, she was CEO of a thriving business, shortly after I left I heard that she had formed an exploration company with some of our friends.  Many of her business associates do not like pirates and I know that having me as a sister puts her at a tough footing sometimes. 

Next time Elviiron will be paying for a pass to be here safely. 🙂

My mind wanders to past memories….


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