Praise for Hera – Mythical Pirate

Most days I sit in awe of my Bastard bretheren, they are great at what they do and equally good teachers.  Yet nightly I hear strange stories from other pilots about a shark that sits in space and kills anything.  That myth and legend is Hera Darkthorn and I for one am extremely glad he’s on my side or I’m on his side more like it.

Last night being rather quiet I fleeted up with a few of the boys only to hear; “I’m in XXX, I have a Raven, get here if you want some.”

The laughter erupted as it was Hera who was soloing a Raven in a Thorax.

If you have flown with Hera long enough you know that conventional wisdom says, hey you can’t take that Raven in a thorax, then you realize it’s Hera and that guys is doomed.

I laugh; “Hera I’m 5 jumps away I’ll try to get there”

“Hurry he says, I have him locked”, he muses.

By the time I got 1.5 jumps there, Hera had the sheilds gone and 50% armor, there was no way to get there.  Then Hera says; “I have an Enyo here, Raven into structure, I’ll get the Enyo next”

The best we could do is cheer and offer verbal support for once Hera get’s his teeth in a target, it’s over.

This post is for Hera Darkthorn, a deadly hunter, mythical beast, and legend in all who see him in local.  You mate are a gentleman and you have a little blood there on the corner of your mouth, you might want to use a napkin to get that.



A cartoon from Mynxee on Hera 🙂
The Hera Darkthorn Effect


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