Day Log 3.12.09 “New Software”

I was spending some vacation time at a “Pleasure Hub” when the news hit about the catastrophe of Seyllin and unstable wormholes appearing all over known space. In response I ordered another drink and “Pleasure Vixen”, as I call them, for a much needed spa day.

Yet all things come to an end and it’s time to board my shuttle for home (Evati) and tend to the new software upgrades I ordered for all my ships. With any luck, the upgrades will be finished and I can get back to the business of freeing people from their ships and cargo. Too bad my crew won’t get a vacation, maybe a few days leave will be arranged.

The shuttle ride home is a rather lengthy one this time, I picked a “Pleasure Hub” far away from any eyes who might recognize me. The trip allowed me to think some more on my past and my family. Many don’t know I have a sister (adopted of course) who lives in High Security space (Rouge Orchid), we don’t talk much but I know she keeps tabs on me and from time to time I find a surprise cargo shipment that arrives with just this: “With Love Little Sister”. If it wasn’t for my liberal Amarr family who took me in after so much destruction in my life, would I be here today?

I had time, too much time, so I entered Rouge’s ship comms into my computer and hit send.

After a series of beeps and hums as communication satellites connected…

Rouge Orchid: “Venom, it’s been a while, where are you?”

Venom Orchid: “Hi Sis, yea, you know me, following the solar winds. I’m on my way home from some R&R. How is everyone at home and at Apollo?”

Rouge Orchid: “Ahh family is good, everyone misses your face but that’s not news. I’m not with Apollo anymore, I’m solo these days, didn’t you get the note?”

Venom Orchid: “\= uhh yea I did, why the change?”

Rouge Orchid: “Maybe a little of you rubbed off on me, besides it’s easier to be solo and help Apollo out with scanning and exploration. But I’m in Evati right now”

Venom Orchid: “You are?”

Rouge Orchid: “Yes, I dropped off a care package and decided to stay for a visit, I already got clearance from The Bastards and I figured your friend Mynxee could use another hand for probe work. In fact, I already got started on laying out a grid in Evati and found a few of those new wormholes, already helped with passage for a few of your boys in The Bastards.”

Venom Orchid: “Well, you made yourself right at home already.”

Rouge Orchid: “Naw, not home, just can’t sit still, I’ll see you when you arrive.”

Venom Orchid: “Roger, Venom out”

I slumped back in my seat, happy to see my sister but bothered by the questions this will now bring in everyone’s minds; “You’re Minmatar and you have an Amarr sister?”. Which will snowball into more and more, I might as well just resign to the fact that my mystery will soon be solved.

Thanks sis…


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