4.9.09 Roam Log “Ahh the Warmth of Goo”

Being planet-side and taking care of business can be a lengthy adventure, often undone business keeps you grounded until all tasks are done. You can’t just run to space and come back, it’s best to just get stuff done and enjoy relaxed time in space. The tasks keeping me from space are for the most part complete and I get to settle into the warm good of my pod and join my favorite men in space, The Bastards.

The last few days I’ve spent in my hangar, meeting with my crack crew, sorting gear, placing orders for replacement parts, and getting used to the goo and the helm again. The last week or so has been rather quiet in Evati, it was nice to have the time to get organized and even listen to a battle or two many jumps away.

Today I stumbled out of my bunk at base in Evati, pulled a much needed quad Gallente espresso (they have the best but I have my doubts that it’s as fresh as they say, I think the beans are synthetic, they lack a certain crema on top of each shot) and read through the fight logs for Hellcats and The Bastards over the last 24 hours. Last night I prepped the crew that today we would be doing a “remove the cobwebs” run, everything was to be overhauled and polished well before this day. They always hit their goals, it’s the best crew a Pirate could ask for.

“Wow, this has been a great run, extremely productive” Nova Blackadder stated on fleet comms.

Hrothgar Frood adds to the excitement; “I’m serious, this is the little Incursus that could, this thing can’t be stopped, it rocks!”

“Where are you guys?” I ask

“Outside Amamak…….er……Egghelende Venom, right Egghelende”, Nova offers as he corrected his first comment.

“Uggg, Amamake”, I groaned.

“Relax, it’s just Amamake, own Amamake, we can own Amamake”, my internal voice droned, reciting affirmations to bolster my confidence.

“I’m on my way, I’ll let you know when I’m close for a fleet invite”


12 jumps out, I start burning for Egghelende, keeping my eyes open and scanning for anything the boys and I might want to commandeer on our group jump back to Evati. With the amount of action this group saw today, the 12 jumps in my rifter were worth it as they were awaiting GCC’s in space, I could be there for time to come home and I could feel the ride home would be lucky.

I reached the crew with minutes to spare on their GCC’s

“Navigations set to Evati, scout on point, let’s move”, directed Nova, one of the most calm and sure FC’s I’ve flown with.

We had a few new Bastard recruits with us, great guys I’ve enjoyed talking with over the last few days back at base. One of them is on point and scouting a system ahead of us. Some system were dead and some had interesting things to look for but we mostly kept moving until something became obvious.

We hit Eszur, comms lit up “Basilisk and Drake on scan, at the gate, aggressed….point”

“Get there, get points, Basilisk is primary” Nova states.

“Point…web”, I happily report (feels good to get in there instead of be the last to point as it’s been for a few weeks).

“Point…point…point” others chimmed, we had him.

Basilisk melted.

Everyone turned to the Drake and he went down.

“Frigs, get on that pod”, Nova demands.

“Point, he’s locked” I proudly proclaim.

At this point, I’m holding the pod but I’m not seeing any ransoming…..second latter one of the new recruits is pounding the pod with hot metal. I had a point, I didn’t get on the kill of the pod, I did expect a ransom. Oh well, a kill is a kill, and we killed this night.

It felt fantastic to get into the goo and get with the fleet.

The new recruits were great, that’s one thing you can count on with The Bastards, they know how to recruit and screen at different stages to find fantastic pilots.

Nova, well what can I say, Nova has risen as far as I’m concerned, I’ve always seen him as a great pilot but always one of the group like I’ve been. But in the last few days I’ve seen his true talent, it’s an extremely calm and focused FC, maybe it’s the team doing what they need to do, but surely it’s his style that really makes a difference.


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