Goals & Direction of a Hellcat

I’m the youngest of my other sisters, Rouge Orchid and LaBoheme Orchid, with that I fly less ships in size than they do. Which is fine, I like the small and agile, my original plans were to be the best small ship pointer I could. I’m getting there I think, more often than not I’m on the scene with a point in my beloved rifter “Tart” or my newer Jaguar “Spank”. In keeping with the plan I thought I’d move to a Stiletto but after seeing my sister LaBoheme fly an Ares and Taranis, I don’t know if a Stiletto would be good as the Ares and Taranis are such amazing ships. Honestly, I love to point, I love the speed but from time to time The Bastards are roaming with larger ships and need more DPS and not points. I’m feeling like I want more of this, maybe I want the option to add more DPS in such instances.

I own a Rupture and Stabber but I am not schooled enough to fly BC’s or BS’s. My skills in the Rupture and Stabber are fair but not near as perfect as in flying the Rifter or Jaguar.

What should I do? I really don’t feel I like the larger ships, like BS’s, I like having speed. I watch my sister and see her fly the bigger ships but I really don’t feel the love for them.

What’s a good compromise? What are your thoughts, my dear dear readers? Have you ever been faced with the same issues and what did you do? Maybe you went towards the Rupture or Stabber and found that it was the perfect blend of speed and power.

I leave this now for your advice on where you might set your goals if you were me.



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