Roam Log 4.16.09 “Your On Your Own Venom”

The last few nights our patrols have been very productive, flying with Nova Blackadder as FC and various Hellcats, Bastards, and new Bastards Recruits.

Previous days action:

Monday April 13th:
Killed: Thorax, Astarte
After docking up for the night in Amamake, the next morning I figured it was safe to bring my Rupture home for the next nights festivities, when in Egmar I jumped into a gate camp from Orfold, and had no recourse after their two Interceptors had me. I was stuck…..
Lost Rupture, not to mention my pod =\ The fit has been fixed and this Rupture is more in line with a winner that what it was. Yet, that was a tuff gate camp to fall into. One of the GIS pilots was even so nice as to drop my corpse in Evati and taunt me with it. πŸ˜‰

Tuesday April 14th:
Killed: Onyx, Taranis,
Happy to say no losses that day

Wednesday April 15th:
At first system log, many of us were in coms with the original “Dirty Bastard” himself, RoninData; discussing top secret operations. After the boss left, it was time to get on the ball, and Nova took the FC controls; bringing the fleet to include: Nova, Hera, Venom, Ravenessa, Mause (Insert Last Name)……..I may be forgetting someone. =\

Nova sent our computers the patrol direction, towards Amamake, a very productive path as of late. Immediately we are faced with a few Pandemic and Mean Corp guys in a Deimos, Sleipnir, and a Hurricane. Us in Rifter, Rupture, Hurricane, Dominix, gasp and one more that slips my clone vat scrambled brain.

Target is Sleipnir then on to the rest, although there was some debate on which should be primary first, the Sleip was finally picked. Being blinky, our targets, we waited on gate……and let the rabble begin.

Their Hurricane turned out to be repairing the Sleipnir, and with the Deimos and Hurricane to our backs, repairing and firing on us; we lost this battle. We lost a few ships to this unfortunate surprise on the Hurricane’s part.

My pod screamed back to HQ and hopped in a Rifter, everyone else needing ships did the same. Targets were gone, we moved forward on our patrol line.

In Eszur, Mause and I are on point, giving Mause some more experience in being a Scout and scanning targets down. Mause clicks on coms “Two punishers near a planet”. I’m not far from Mause, “Mause I think they are at a plex and not a planet or belt, I’ll go see”.

“Venom, if they are there, you two rifters are on your own, we can’t fit through the gate”, Nova advised. “Check, no problem, we will see what we can do”, I assure.

Mause and I warped in, two Punishers are 15km away at warp in. “Point, focus fire on my target”, I lead.

It seemed to take a while for the Punishers to engage us, maybe they were taken by surprise or just didn’t see us with all the NPC rats engaging them. Both of us are on one Punisher, taking him down faster than I’m being hit now by a Punisher. The other Punisher is on Mause, they are not focusing fire.

Pop! “Get that pod”, I command. “lost it”, as I watch it warp away. (I really need to work on my lock time)

“All guns and points on the second Punisher, let’s get him”, barely holding my excitement.

I’m down shields and into armor when we engage the second Punisher but we are taking him down faster than he can take me. Turns out we should have marked the other Punisher primary, as he had the Tech II guns and dealt more damage than the other. Turns out the first one was being armor repaired by his buddy. It made no difference.

Pop! We got the second Punisher. “Get that pod”, I say. Damn, I can’t get him either, the lock time on pods is starting to kill me.

Mause is getting hit by rats, he leaves, I grab all the loot and hide out my GCC.

The rest of the night is spent looking for other’s who set traps or coming across the Sleipnir/Demiso/Hurricane group. Although I wish the whole fleet had gotten a kill or two, I’m pleased the frig portion of our fleet could stomp a few skulls.


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