4.23.09 Roam Log “Point Point Point”

With the amount of targets in the last week it’s been hard to update daily the events of the various roams, many kills and many losses on my part; saying it’s been a busy week is an understatement.

Before I start a run-down of roams and events, some posts by my brethren Pirates need to be mentioned:

  • Being part of The Bastards and joining the Hellcats was one of the best moves for employment I’ve ever made. Check out our recent “Oversized Clip & Carbine” tactic as described by the famous FlashFresh, gotta love RoninData and how his mind works in creating these events;

    “”Tuesday the 21st of April sees the most ridiculous fleet yet – Operation Oversized Clip and Carbine. I want to see the biggest motherfucking guns you can cram onto your ships – frigates, think cruiser guns – cruisers, think battleship guns and so on. Shit, if you can fit a battleship gun on a frigate, go for it! You know this is going to be comedy gold, even if we just get one kill mail. Only rules are, no damage other than the oversized guns, no drones. Try and fit for gank if possible. ECM drones allowed. T2 allowed, if you can fit it. Prizes will awarded for most outrageous and stylish fits.” – Sources from FlashFresh, Quoted RoninData.

  • From my Boss and Sister, Mynxee, who touches on the above topic, girl only roams (Hellcats Gone Wild), and her immortal voice as Aura in the fantastic Capsuleer for iPhone. I adopted this program early and I love it. For info on the Capsuleer App for the iPhone, check here.
  • Also, if you haven’t been following the fantastic fiction of Shae, my Sister Hellcat, you need to!
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    Roam Summary of the Week (Whew, it’s been a big one)

    For details of the kills, please tune to the Hellcats Killboard, sorry for a lack of description.

    Friday, April 17th

    Raven, Zealot, Maelstrom, Claw, Pilgrim, Vexor
    Losses: Hey, None!!

    Saturday, April 18th

    Kills: Stabber, Muninn, Hyperion, Thorax, Stabber, Wolf
    Losses: Wow, None!!

    Sunday, April 19th

    Kills: Curse
    Losses: Rupture (Damn I loved that ship, time to commission another)

    Monday, April 20th

    Kills: Rifter, Vexor, Vexor, Wolf
    Losses: Whew, none.

    Tuesday, April 21st

    Kills: Punisher, Rifter, Incursus
    Losses: I guess I don’t have as many losses as I thought =\ They are just getting more expensive.

    Wednesday, April 22nd

    Kills: Rifter, Vexor, Vexor
    Losses: Rifter, Rupture

    Ok, this last bit of losses from last night takes some explaining. Couple of huge mistakes on my part. After we all warped in and ganged up on the two Vexors, we all scattered to safes for GCC’s. Just at the end of my GCC I was getting ready to move to a new spot and I wasn’t watching my scanner let alone looking for scanner probes. The Vexor pilots got their revenge and probed me out, brought in an Astarte. I was pointed, with very little room to move, I called for the troops to come in for help but it was a lost cause. Blowing up, arriving at different times, my mistake, all colluded to create some costly and stupid losses. I gotta be more careful. After that loss I screamed back to Evati, where we were all heading to help Ard with a Drake, and two Corms he found protecting a gas miner. Sitting on the gate, Ard calls for me to go in and point, take some time to do so and see if we can flesh out the bigger ships, this one was just a scythe. I had him pointed, he didn’t see it coming, my guns are blasting away in a less that flashy way, he’s hard for me to take down. Ard sends Persephone into point with me. Still no bigger ships arrive, everyone is waiting. We get the cruiser to 20% structure and start to ransom him, stalling, hoping the bigger guns come out. Nothing, this guy doesn’t care, when Bam, he ejects and gets away. Disappointing to say the least, he must have been protecting his implants. Everyone says, “Venom, drop the rifter and steal the cruiser”, I have a GCC, often my brain won’t connect. I impulsively warp to a station to dock and go back out for the cruiser, Pop. The guns got me, duh! What was I thinking. Oh well, I can now go steal that cruiser.

    WTF am I going to do with a scythe?

    Adios Amigos, this post is finished.




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