“Cruiser Class Ship Lost In Hofjalgund; Due to Rare Space Blindness”

I awoke from a long nap and had intentions of logging the previous nights events, there were many, when I poured a cup of Gallente Espresso and opened the news headlines. I wished I could have explained before it hit the news wires but here it is:

Cruiser Class Ship Lost In Hofjalgund; Due to Rare Space Blindness

April 24 – Evati – Associated Solar News (ASN)
Sources report that at 03:53 ET (EVE Time) last night, April 24th, the infamous pirate Venom Orchid (Member of the Hellcats) was shot down in Hofjalgund while attempting to gain control of several other cruiser class ships. Venom Orchid was in fleet with fellow pirates at the time of the accident; Nova Blackadder of The Bastards (Alliance Member), Ard Unjiigo of The Bastards (Alliance Member), Mynxee of the Hellcats (Hellcats CEO), and Ravenessa (School of Applied Knowledge Student & Bastards Recruit) were with Venom at the time. According to ship logs and flight recorders, Venom’s Rupture (Cruiser class ship) went into structure and did not survive the onslaught of drones and beam lasers. The recorders also show that although most of the damage was done by the fleets pirating targets, the final blow that destroyed Venom’s cruiser was friendly fire from her fleet mate Ravenessa.

Audio channel recordings of the last few minutes are as follows:
Venom: I have the Rupture pointed, firing, need assistance
Ravenessa: I have point and firing
Nova: Focus fire on the Rupture
Ard: Everyone focus fire
Venom: I’m going down, I’m in structure, webbed and pointed, I can’t get out
Venom: I’m in my pod, I’m out
Ard: All fire focused on the Rupture, why isn’t this guy going down, are we all on the Rupture?
Ravenessa: Yes
Nova: Yes
10 Minutes Later
Venom: Guys I posted my loss…..WTF, Raven, you shot me, you got my final blow!!!
Ravenessa: WHAT?!?
Nova: Oh man, you shot the wrong Rupture
Ravenessa: In my defense, they all look alike


The battle was eventually won by Venom’s fleet mates. No comments were able to be attained from any of the fleet members yet an expert on space travel, Professor Sun Twon, from the School of Applied Knowledge had this to say: “Events such as this occur from time to time, we speculate that the use of implants, more specifically the reintroduction of implants to a newly created clone vat, can have side effects we call ‘Space Blindness’. We do not know the root cause but it appears to be a sickness that often occurs after the vat process and affects the interface of a pod and it’s ship’s scanners, placing any friendly targets in the display next to any hostile targets. Of course I don’t have to tell you that this can lead to mistaking a friendly for a foe, resulting possibly in what happened to that filthy pirate Venom Orchid”. Further speculation says that Ravenessa might have just had a common flu or just simply shot the wrong target.

So there you have it, the press is faster than I am. Before I could say anything, there it was all over the news. Accidents happen, I only hope an investigation doesn’t ensue, stuff just happens in space. Mental note, talk to Raven before this gets out of hand.

As I was sipping the last of my espresso, my corp channel lit up. “Venom, I need a full report on that accident last night before you leave station today – Mynxee”. Oh man, too late, I gotta get this resolved before it goes to far.

“Oh btw, when Raven gets accepted into The Bastards, we suggested he get a medal, something like “Kicks Them When They Are Down” or something like that 😉 oh and don’t be surprised to hear a new saying in the lounge: ‘Come on man, don’t pull a Ravenessa’. haha, them’s the breaks kid, at least Raven kept the enemy from getting your kill. Come down and join us or a drink, we are all just sitting here laughing about the event, nevermind on the report, just freaking you out.” was Mynxee’s last msg.


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