5.5.09 Roam Log “Ode To A New Friend – A Jaguar”

 I don’t know what colour your eyes are, baby
But your hair is long and brown
Your legs are strong, and you’re so, so long
And you don’t come from this town
My head is full of magic, baby
And I can share this with you
The feel I’m on a cross again, lately
But it’s nothing to do with you

I’m alive
Oh Oh, so alive
I’m alive
Oh Oh, so alive
-Love and Rockets “So Alive”

Space has been busy, very busy, the way we like it.  Our normal patrol space has been full of gangs challenging us or simply running away when they see us.  You see, us Hellcats and Bastards have a nice force and patrol group during a certain North American time zone, mostly we are feared and gangs bigger than us will dock up or hide.  This I don’t get but so long as we are causing a disruption, our space will stay clean.   We are Pirates, we own our space.

This entry is the story of a new ship, a ship given to me by a dear friend Sard Caid; a Jaguar with battle scars and pod goo from past kills.  Sard delivered the gift to me at my home station in Evati, the ship was named “Love and Rockets”, I contemplated keeping the name for the luck aspect but eventually decided it needed a blend and I settled on renaming this beauty “Love and Tarts”.  This baby is full of luck and mojo as you will see, a welcome addition to the hangar, even the crew enjoys the energy off this sleek beauty.

This evening the intention was to make some hauling runs for much needed supplies, that was cut very short by the usual crew causing havoc across space.  Being low on supplies and ships, I slid my pod into “Love and Tarts”, flicked on the computer systems, and set a course for my fellow pirates already engaged in space.

Upon jumping into Siseide and joining the gang, we found an interesting group of ships in a belt, a brutix, tristan, and vexor; as well as few others who ran before we could sink our teeth into them.  We had with us new Hellcats recruits, making the kills very exciting, as well, under the leadership of Nova Blackadder, we were a force.

Vexor was melted

Brutix was melted

Tristan was…melted

We moved on to Egghelende, where upon scanning a rupture down and sitting at a planet (shaking my milkshake), the rupture we were looking for descended upon me.  Oh rupture, I’m sorry, didn’t you see my friend Nova sitting 20k from me cloaked in a rapier?  Too bad for you.  Although, as I pointed you and unleashed all I could from this beautiful new friend the Jaguar, I held on until all my friends could arrive.  Then I held on some more, in fact, I started popping your drones and giving you a very bad day.  No please, stay right there, don’t move, here they come.  “Pop” went your drone.  Now all my friends are here, you have my shields down and my armor, as you get me to 50% structure, I move away very very fast.  I’m out of your range now, your a distant speck on my HUD, you got me to 16% hull but now I’m sitting in my safe spot as you are introduced to the cold void of space.  Yes, I could have parted ways sooner, saved some isk in repairs but this ship wanted to see you Pop.  This ship has the killer MoJo and now I know she has the staying power to take punishment.  All-in-all you put up a good fight, thank you for the fun.

We made our way back to Evati and it was time to catch up on paperwork and move gear across New Eden to stock my low supplies.

Some time later, a call comes out across the alliance channel.  The Nato Indi’s guys were out in Las, they have recently moved there and have proclaimed to take over.  Our job is to relieve them of their ships and gear until they decide this isn’t the home for them.

Phobos and Zealot were out, as well as a few other of their clan.  We lost a few interceptors and a cruiser in the fight but we took their Phobos as well as their Brutix.  We raided their wrecks, destroyed their mining cans (yes, they were mining with a hulk, this is what started the whole thing), we caused damage and mayhem.

Waiting out my GCC in a newly fit stabber (I was gearing her up when the call came out, or I might have been in the Jag), I checked messages.  I noticed a corp mail I missed before, from Mynxee.  Mynx writes, asking if I would accept the honor of becoming a Hellcats Director.  I gladly accepted, full of excitement, the honor of serving Mynxee and my corp mates pleases me.  Time to celebrate I’d say, off to the Hellcats bar at base, if I don’t wake up early, don’t knock, it’s a hangover.


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