OOC: Top Search Engines Searches That Landed You Here

Ok, this is funny in parts and obvious in others but I wanted to share the search terms that got people to Venom’s blog, it’s quite interesting:

(Order of most searched to least)

“Venom Orchid” – Wow, I’m glad at least that is the top search string

“info@thejourney.it” – No clue what thisย refersย to but I get hits from it ๐Ÿ™‚

“Jaguar hi karj” – Again, no clue, but due to it’s combo of a ship I fly and “karj” a corpmate, you come here to me

“Hera Darkthorn” – hehe, he’s so mythical they search for him on the internet

“History of Venom” – You might be looking for a chemical composition of snake venom but instead you get me!

“Amamake” – Well, I blog about it being an armpit

“Mynxee Picture” – Sigh….I jump into system and they tell me to say hi to her =\

“Amamake armpit universe” – They get it

“Armpit you want to lick” – Wait…What? “Armpit you want to lick”, huh

“Mythical facts about Hera” – Some poor high school kid just wrote about our Hera and got an A+ I might add

“Kill Venom” – I take this one rather personal….bring it ๐Ÿ˜€

“Venom orchid tart eve” – hehe, Tart, that’s right

“Conference call to deal with venom” – Damn, they are conferencing about me now

“Yarr mate where b me grog” – lols, I’ll take it

“Split personality blog” – huh, not sure how to take this one



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